Nothing special happened; just normal living. We still have to train Pancho to be alone at home. He still is not totally cured from his separation anxiety. We have been teaching him to be more independent by not allowing him to sleep in our bed anymore and at evenings we give him some treats and put him into “his room” behind a gate. He can see us from there but cannot come out of that room. Then usually he starts barking or tries to get out; then we just need to wait until he is totally calm and quiet and then let him out. This is what we were told by dog trainer. I never before noticed that Pancho so much wants to be in the same room with us.

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One funny thing happened last week. We went into our bathroom with Pauli to me to learn one exercise I have to do with Pancho. We only got into the room and closed the door behind us when the door opened: Pancho just opened the door and was standing there looking us like “what are WE doing in here” :D :D :D  We burst into laughter.. It’s like little child, there’s no way of hiding from him. It’s kind of annoying that dog can open every door in the house. We have turned all the handles up so that he wouldn’t know how to open them but no… He opens them anyway. And it’s not like he would be jumping randomly to the handles: he KNOWS how to open them. He stands with two legs and takes the handle between his front paws then he turns the handle; then he simply walks backwards with two legs.. Amazing.. We should try to take pictures of this some day. Gladly he can’t open our front or back door.


Pancho has learned a new annoying habit.. If we go to our back yard he has to start digging in some point.. Why oh why!? Our beautiful grass and my flowers don’t look so nice anymore now when we have our own land-moving company Xolo Oy. This is weird since he usually doesn’t dig holes, except sometimes in field next to our house and some rare times in dog park. I think it might be because after he digs at our backyard we tell him no and put him inside. When we say ”no” he gets very excited and starts running around in our yard not letting us catch him. This is his fun game, he thinks we are playing with him.. If we don’t try to catch him he will start to dig another hole as fast as he can, if we do he gets more excited and runs even faster. I have noticed that best thing not to make that a game for him is straight away call him inside by going my self there and maybe giving some treat inside. I don’t know which would be the best way him not thinking that it is a nice game we are playing with him..


Wipii, only 1½ months for our 4 weeks long summer holiday!! -Jozanna