Today Chili is 10 weeks. He is 3,5kg and hight is 28cm. At same age Pancho was 5,5kg and 29cm.

"Brothers" playing


Almost week ago we went properly out with Chili for the first time. He has been out few times before but we have never had a proper walk with the family : ) It had been so warm that all the snow had melted from that path we were walking. Chili was walking very nicely and breezily with us but he was whining almost the whole way. Pancho was walking so fast that he couldn't keep up with him and apparently he would have wanted to : )  He also did his first pee outside. I got it on camera : ) I said to Pauli before that if it would happen that he would accidentally pee outside we should praise him so much that he will most likely be traumatize : ) He looked very proud when we told what a good boy he is.

First pee outside captured to a film :)


Week ago Chili got nasty allergic reaction. He started suddenly having red spots all over his body. They looked like mosquito bites. They came within 15 minutes. His eyes swelled and they were red. We gave him a part from cortisone pill to stop the allergic reaction. It helped and in some time almost all his spots disappeared. Then next morning he got it again. We figured out that it might have been the washing fluid what we used to wash his pees from the floors. We haven't used that anymore and spots haven't come back.

Boys have taken a new step in their relationship. Before Pancho didn't let Chili to come close when he was sleeping. Right away if Chili tried to come close Pancho started growling. Now yesterday for the first time Pancho was sleeping and when Chili went there to sleep next to him, he didn't growl. They were sleeping side by side.


Now they are not playing only with eachother but also with toys together.. And it is many times Pancho who comes to challenge Chili for a play. And one tactic what they have taken is to gang up with each other against Pauli.. Pauli is laying down and they both will play-attack him at the same time. They seem to really enjoy having someone same kind. Here is many clickable pictures of them playing

With a dinosaurus

With a mouse

With a teddy bear

With a ball

With each other (where did the head go?)

It is nice to see how they have bonded. When I come back from a walk with Pancho, the first thing he does is to go see where Chili is. Same thing first in the morning. We have taken them to a car rides so that Chili would get used to a car. He is still wining in the beginning. Then he usually calms down because Pancho is there with him. Few times he has put his head under Panchos stomack so that it feels safe.

One huge problem we have... When they are playing and running they run around our house; they run up and down to our sofa and chairs. I read that puppies shouldn't jump at all, but we don't know how to stop that. They both have permission to come to sofas and I don't want to ban that. We have pillows under the sofa but sometimes Chili jumps so far that there is no pillows to soften his landing. Two times he has dropped down from sofa. I'm afraid that he will brake bones or something. We are always trying to stop this running up and down from sofas but we can't always be there. Pauli said that he will built stairs to the sofa so that Chili wouldn't have to jump, but he is so wild and he seems to have no self-defence instinct that I bet he will jump anyway.. Let's see! I had forgotten how little self-defence instinct puppies have. Pancho seemed to be so calm puppy and Chili is totally different. Of course it is totally different scenario now that there is another dog to play with. And as a grown up Pancho doesn't understand that it is not good for Chili to jump everywhere... :)

Here is a picture of Vampire-Pancho attacking his victime:

And here Vampire-Pancho has already stunned his victim:


I hope you enjoyed your stay at our blog and I hope you come again! -Johanna