This is the last day in Jyväskylä. Soon we will be heading back home. We all are a bit sad, because Pancho has loved to run free here! We have been out a lot and even inside the house there is much more room to run than in our appartement.

Today Pancho scared us! We were playing outside and suddenly he ate a bee. He just shaked his head a bit, but no sound. Then we grapped him and checked was there a bee sting. I touched his mouth and he screamed really loud! Then we realised that the bee had stinged him. We went inside and looked for doctors number and looked for those tablets we have bought from farmasy incase of bee stings or snake bites. His lip and cheeck started to swell up really fast. It looked a bit bad, but the doctor said that just give him half of the pill and then put some kortison-cream into his lip. We also managed to take out the bee stinger that was still in the lip.

Soon he had fallen into sleep in Rafu's lap (so that we could see that he was still breathing). When he woke up he was ok again. We will put pictures a bit later.