Pauli came back from Switzerland last night. His trip went very well. Me and Pancho did fine the whole week. It was weird to wake up every morning earlier and took him out. Normally I and Pauli are taking turns. So every other night he can sleep a bit longer and every other morning I can.

Pancho had a small accident today. When we came from work he didn't come to the door. We came to out quest room door and he was there sitting on a chair. It's this computer chair which has wheels under it and it turns around. He was sitting on the chair and it had turned so that the back support was facing the room and he was caught between the wall and the back support. He was just sitting there. When we turned the chair he jumped down but he was walking badly. He must have been in that chair for many hours since his muscles were totally jammed. He is many times sleeping in this chair. So probably he had gone to the chair to sleep next to the radiator and then got stuck there. We massaged his muscles and he was lying down his eyes closed and enjoying the massage. He was limping for some while, but I think now it's over.

Here is some pictures of Pancho from 2 weeks ago:



We bought him a new ball to play with and he was playing with the ball for an hour. He seemed to love it :) I have been going to this course where I make clothes to Pancho. I'm doing overalls for him for colder weather. I hope they will be good! They are going to make a story of us to the local newspaper. So the overalls need to look good on him :) Pictures coming when it will be ready! -Jozanna