Pancho has been a good boy the whole day. I think he was just bored yesterday. Today we went to the beach and Pancho even had a little swim. He was not really enthusiastic about the water but he was not scared either. Pancho was playing with a stick on the shore. We took that stick into the water and he got it from there, very brave!
He did not swim himself we carried him to deeper water and stood about 50cm apart. Then I put him in the water very calmly and he swam to Johanna. He did not seem to be scared. He did get cold soon after but I wrapped him in a tovel and we stood in the water (well he was on my lap) and watched Johanna swim.

No biting today since we have seen a lot of new places and Pancho had something to do. He walked on the lead very nicely and was not bad at all. Well he has the whole evening for that... ;)

Here is a video of Pancho in water (3 Mb)
Some photos from the lake. -Rafu