We believe that Pancho is now having an ear infection. We have tried to clean his ears every now and then but he seems to have an infection. Night was a bit hard for him. Luckily we had some painkillers from his eye accident that we could give him and they seemed to help so he could sleep. I also went to sleep on the livingroom couch with him.

Jozanna took him out just when we were going to go to bed and he made a very small pee. When they came in Pancho ran straight on the bed, it still had daycover on so he was allowed on the bed. Pancho just peed on the bed eventough he just peed a little outside. Pancho got quite a yelling after that and was ignored for the rest of the evening... -Rafu

We tried to protect the ears on morning pee so cold air would not make them hurt.

Pancho did not seem to be very happy, not too sad also. I think he understud that it was good for his ears..