Today we agreed to see Panchos friend Pontus and his owner in the dog park. It was raining, but otherwise it was warm. Pancho had a great time playing with Pontus again. Then situations changed when one woman with two big dogs came into the park. First thing she asked us (when she still was outside the park) was that what age are those two. I said Pancho is 5 months. She said that "maybe my dogs will still think he is a puppy.. that my dogs don't stand for other dogs so well".. We thought that didn't sound so nice, but they were ok this time.. Still Pontus was paralysed when they came. Those dogs were once involved when Pontus was attacked in the park before. Pontus was just sitting between his owners legs. Pancho was not scared of them. After a while a woman came in with a 5 months old american Staffordshire terrier. Pancho started to play with her and made his own xolo-noice. This other dog didn't like Pancho or didn't understand or like Pancho's noice so she attacked Pancho. It sounded bad and Pancho was laying on his back in the mud.. Me and the other dog's owner separated them and then we desided to leave. It seems that Panchos strength is not equal to a same age american staffordshire terrier's... There was no marks in Pancho or in the other dog, so the fight was not that bad. Gladly!

Now, when we came home Pancho is really tired. I guess that park experience was exhausting..

Here is some pictures of Pancho playing with his best friend Pontus:    -Jozanna