Last weekend we were at Haapavesi. On Friday we drove there after work. Travel is around 400km and we did 3 stops so that boys got out. Few times boys (read Chili) got too excited in the car and they started to play a very loudly. On one of our stops we stopped to a bus stop. Chili did his thing and then he took something to his mouth. I took it away and noticed when it was sticking to my hand that it was cows’ poop…Chili was just looking at me and wagging his tail like “hahaa, I got you.. Your hand is in poop now”. :) Otherwise the trip went very well and fast. At Haapavesi Chili was wondering why he can just run free all the time? Pauli’s mom lives far away from big roads and there aren’t many houses there. She has some fields and a lake there. So everyday boys were just running free and playing outside. Weather was perfect!

Before you run you have to strech really well

Chili has his own way of streching :) (Well.. actually he just eats sticks like this)


And then it's: GAME ON!

Here is a bunch of clickable pictures of them running

Pancho got to do what he loves the most: digging a hole… He was digging so much that his whole front legs were dirty. He was up to his neck in the hole. We decided to wash him in the lake. Pauli carefully lifted Pancho into the water so that he wouldn’t freak off. How little did we know…? After that first time Pancho was in the lake all the time. He was there fishing plants from water or sticks or air bubbles. He wanted me to throw him sticks into the water so that he can get them. Water was only +14 and the air +10; I can’t believe why he wanted to be there...

Crazy xolo in a cold water :)


I have some nice videos from their weekend, but because of some technical problems I can’t add them now :( But at least I got one video. Here is a small video of boys running


I have a bandage on my hand. On Saturday Pancho was sitting on my lap when I was sitting on a sofa. Pauli went to let cat’s go out. Pancho noticed cats and jumped after them. I made a dive into the floor: one hand on the floor and with one hand I grabbed Panchos leg. So all my weight went on to my left hand. Wrist bended and now it is sore. It’s not broken or anything, it just hurts a bit.

Chilis height was today 41cm (Pancho at the same age 43,5cm). He is now only few cm under standard Xolo height. Chili weighted 7,9kg (Pancho at the same age 10,8kg). We have puppy course again tomorrow. I will write later what new we learned.  -Johanna