Today we went to Hyvinkää: there was unofficial running competition for dogs. This was Panchos first time. Last year we were there too but he was too young to partisipate. I was not excpecting much. I didn't know if he will understand the whole meaning of this thing. In the beginning Pauli was there on the start with him. When they turned the motor for the "rabbit" on Pancho was a bit scared. Then Pauli just told Pancho to run and when this "rabbit" launched Pancho went straight after it. He ran fast! He ran all away to the end! I was so proud.  He came to second place. He got 255 points.

There were quite many naked dogs in there :) 4 mexicans: Pancho, Adela, Pedro, Halla and 3 peruvians: Taru, Minttu and Ecco. Here is some pictures:



Here are some more pictures (by clicking they will be bigger):

Pancho and Adela playing before going to run:


Points for Pancho

Pancho running
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Some more pictures in here