Summer is nice, except: mosquitoes'! I hate them! They are biting Pancho too. We cannot use any mosquito poison for him, because that would be poisonous too if he licks that. We tried to make him eat garlic too.. He ate it.. it was just that he smelled horrible. It was funny when we were sleeping and it was totally dark in the room. Pancho walks perfectly quiet, but you could smell when he entered the room: garlic stink. Plus that he has the habit of coming to thank us after he has eaten his food. He comes to give us kisses. You can imagine: dog food + garlic.. So that ended.. Now I found efficient way from one dog forum: I'm using olive oil for him. At least it helps with those annoying small animals (called mäkäräinen in Finnish). These annoying animals used to bite Pancho from his private parts, but now after we have oiled him before going into the forest there is no bites. Funny to marinade your dog before going out :)


Those fields where we used to take Pancho to run free are useless now. The grass has grown so tall now that it is almost up to my belly. I'm too afraid of snakes to let Pancho go there to run. My friends dog Senna was just bitten by a poisonous snake into his nose. You can see picture from here: (If you click that picture you can see it bigger). You can even see the snake bite just above nose. Poor one! But she is doing ok now. But that teached me to always carry those anti-venom tablets with me if we are going to any place where I suspect might be snakes.


Pancho has one (among others..)weird habit: If I yarn he will stick his tongue into my mouth. I don't know what thing that is, but if he happens to sit next to me when I do that he will put his tongue into my mouth. Maybe it has stayed from his childhood. In this picture (from his breeders' pages) this is just what happens, this is exactly what he does (picture by Julia Karjakina, in picture Pancho and his sister Adela)


Could that be some dog thing? I have never heard that before.. -Jozanna